Stephen Gilmore Counselling. Welcome.

Hello, my name is Stephen Gilmore and I am a BACP registered psychotherapist and counsellor. Welcome to my website. Please have a look around and see if counselling with me is something you would like to explore further. All the relevant information is here including my background, what you need to know about the counselling process and what happens next. If you think that I am the right kind of person to work with you exploring your difficulties and personal challenges please use the ‘contact box’ at the bottom of this page.

My Approach.
What is Person Centred Counselling?

The person centred approach to counselling takes you (the client) as the expert of your own world. We all experience things differently and have our very own unique personal history and experiences that make us who we are. Person centred therapists and counsellors understand this. Instead of freely offering solutions to your problems they provide a safe and warm environment free from judgement where you can express yourself openly and without fear. This allows you to come to your own solutions and helps to build a sense of independence and courage to face problems in the present and indeed further on in life. The person centred counsellor will also strive to work with you empathically (by trying to put themselves in your shoes). They will listen to you and your experiences openly and with understanding. This often has the effect of making you feel accepted and respected by your counsellor. When we begin to feel more accepted we start to feel more confident in our judgements and less afraid of expressing our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. We can feel more centred and accepting of ourselves and others. We grow an awareness of our difficult and troubling emotions and thoughts and are better able to hold those thoughts and feelings rationally and safely without letting them overwhelm or consume us.

You can also expect your person centred counsellor to work with you in a safe and ethical way. This means working with you in a way that is open, transparent and genuine. You should not feel that your therapist is hiding anything from you or working to some other agenda other than your health and wellbeing. In this way you can expect your therapist to be genuine and open with you themselves. This honesty (congruence) allows for the building a strong and equal relationship between counsellor and client. Indeed it is often the strength of that equality and strength of the relationship that allows for the most effective therapy to take place.

Person centred counsellors also accept that the goal of counselling is different for each of us. Indeed as one personal goal may be reached others may open. Our initial goals may change or lose their importance to us. Your counsellor will work with you at your pace and help you identify such goals and what it is you need from counselling. Counselling can be difficult and challenging as indeed life can be but it can also be a wonderfully empowering experience that can change your life for the better.

About Me.

Hi. My name is Stephen Gilmore and I am an experienced BACP registered Psychotherapist currently practicing ‘Contemporary Person-Centred counselling’. I have studied extensively in psychological theory and research and have worked for many years in University level higher education environments supporting and counselling students of all ages and cultures. I first came to Liverpool in 1999 from Northern Ireland where I studied psychology at degree level. After working for a couple of years I then studied Masters Level ‘Applied Psychology’ at Liverpool University followed by a Post Graduate degree in ‘Transpersonal psychology and Studies of Consciousness’ at Liverpool John Moores University. The psychology of spirituality and Eastern approaches to health studied on the course began a long and ongoing affection for Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice that has remained with me since. However it was the growing love of the human condition and its ailments that led to my career as a therapist and enrolment on the Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Counselling and psychotherapy. I now run a private therapy practice, work regularly with you persons (ages 11-17yrs old) and mentor students with specific mental health and learning difficulties.

Given the right conditions, environment and therapeutic support anyone can overcome and survive their personal difficulties and (of course) begin to cultivate a strong and resilient sense of self and personal wellbeing. I am passionate about the approaches that I use and love the challenge of my work with clients. My energy, respect, compassion and warmth are essential strengths that help my clients benefit from their counselling. I choose to work primarily in a Person-Centred way because I believe it to be the most human approach to therapy. It is a gentle and holistic way of working (and being) that can offer great strength, independence and understanding to both counsellor and client.

Qualifications & Training

Post Graduate Diploma (PG Dip) – Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP accredited)

Liverpool John Moores University

Post graduate Diploma (PG Dip) - Transpersonal Psychology and studies of consciousness

Liverpool John Moores University

Master’s Degree (M.Sc) – Applied Psychology: Focus on embodiment and embodied states of being.

Liverpool University

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.Sc) – Applied psychology

Liverpool John Moores University

Areas of expertise

  • Depression
  • Work related stress
  • Young person therapy (11-17yr olds)
  • Suicidal feelings & thoughts
  • Eating disorders
  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Abuse in any form (male & female)
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Self confidence
  • Self-Harm
  • Family & personal relationships
  • Substance/drugs/alcohol abuse
  • Anger/frustration/stress


How much will it cost per session?

Each session costs £50. If I have availability I may be able offer you a slightly reduced fee based on your personal circumstances for example if you are a student, unemployed or OAP.

What happens if I have to cancel an appointment?

Appointments need to be cancelled within 48 hours, otherwise you will be charged for the session.

I have decided I would like to try counselling. What do I do next?

Simply send me a quick email using the contact box below or call 07411474405. We can then discuss briefly what you would like the counselling for and check availability for an initial meeting to see if you think we can work together.

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. There are some exceptions that relate mainly to a risk of harm to yourself or others. This will be explained to you in more detail at the first meeting.

Where is your practice?

Number 40 Rodney Street just off Hardman Street in the city centre. L1 9AA

When will I be seen?

I am available from Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm. Please contact me for specific days and times suitable to you to see if I can accommodate you.

How often do we meet?

It is useful for the therapeutic process to meet once a week. For some clients however it works well to reduce this to fortnightly sessions after they have had a period of weekly appointments.

At what time should I arrive at the appointment?

If you have a weekday appointment then there is a waiting room and reception area in the building in which you can wait until your appointment time. On weekends (Saturday & Sunday) please arrive at the main door on time.

Contact me


Map & Directions

Number 40 Rodney St, just off Hardman Street. Liverpool L1 9AA